Events of April 16 and 17

Last weekend was very exciting! 

Foreign students of MSU attended a Cultural evening and took a tour of the Old and New Arbat - both events were organized by the International Committee of the Student Council of MSU.

 The cultural evening was held on April 16 in the coworking of the Faculty of Philosophy. The participants arranged a viewing of the legendary film "The Diamond Hand" and discussed it, as well as played various games, the purpose of which was to introduce foreign friends to new Russian words.

On April 17, a tour of the New and Old Arbat was held. During the walking tour, the children were able to see such sights as the Peoples' Friendship House on Vozdvizhenka, Mikhailova - Talgren Manor, Vakhtangov Theater, Tsoi Wall, the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord on the Sands and the monument to Bulat Okudzhava.

This Saturday, an event dedicated to the Easter holiday will take place. Easter is a bright and beautiful spring festival, which is associated with the awakening of nature, the realization that a huge miracle has happened in the world and a new, bright cycle of life begins.

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