MSU held a quest game "I am an MSU student" for foreign students

September 5, Lomonosov Moscow State University held a dynamic quest game "I am an MSU student" for foreign students who entered the first year of Moscow University in 2021. The game was aimed at familiarizing participants with the history of Moscow University, as well as with significant and memorable places on the MSU campus on Sparrow Hills.

At the beginning of the game, teams of 4-6 participants were given a "Legend" indicating the location of the main points and "checkpoints" that students needed to visit in order to complete a certain task. Some of the places to visit were encrypted with riddles. Students also received maps of the campus and route books in which they had to write down the answers to assignments.
The quest participants solved riddles, found the right points on the map, made their route around the campus and got to know the university better, its key attractions and, of course, got to know each other and made new acquaintances.

The tasks themselves were not difficult, but they required attention: for example, count the number of letters “a” on a memorial tablet, redraw a hidden symbol, or count the number of lanterns on the object indicated for study.

The results of the team were evaluated by the number of correctly completed tasks. The winning team was called "French fries" and consisted of Annette Schanz (Germany), Maximilian Kosutnik (Austria), Sebastian Hauke ​​(Germany), Nadezhda Vasilyeva (France), Louise Kleinhans (Germany), Michael Meyer (Germany).

This year, the game in this format for foreign students was held for the first time. Undoubtedly, this will become a good tradition of Moscow University