Events in February

In February, the first adaptation events for MSU international students took place: meetings were held both online and offline.

On February 8, 15 and 22, the first meetings of the Russian Club "Russian Actually" took place in online format: students got to know each other, exchanged first impressions about studying and life in Moscow and received useful tips on how to overcome culture shock, how to enroll in sports clubs and continue their favorite activity at MSU.

On February 5, 12 and 19, orientation walks were organized for international students in order to get acquainted with the MSU campus and nearby territories. The guys also took a walk around the center of Moscow and got to know the city better.

On February 13, the first walking tour of VDNH took place: students learned the history of the exhibition complex, looked at the pavilions and attended a colorful light show at the Moscow Maquette Museum, having the opportunity to admire the layout of the capital.

On February 23, MSU international students gathered in a big noisy company at the largest skating rink in Europe at VDNH - some were skating for the first time. 

On February 27, a bus sightseeing tour of Moscow took place: students learned the history of Moscow and iconic buildings, and then took a walk in the city center.

The first weeks of the spring semester were very bright and set a cheerful pace - more interesting events are waiting for us next! Follow the news!