April 26 - Excursion to the MSU Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden of Lomonosov Moscow State University is the oldest botanical scientific institution in Russia. It arose on the basis of the "Moscow Apothecary Garden", founded in 1706 by decree of Peter I, simultaneously with a military hospital, a surgical school and an anatomical theater. During the period of its history, the Moscow Apothecary Garden has turned from an auxiliary institution into a botanical garden with rich and varied collections. The branch of the Garden has a library (about 40 thousand books) containing botanical publications from the 16th-17th centuries. to the present day, including the Tikhomirov library (more than 5 thousand items). Now the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University is not only actively engaged in scientific activities. This is a wonderful place where beautiful flowers bloom every spring: it is an oasis almost in the center of a bustling city where you can relax with your soul. On April 26, international students of Moscow State University plunged into the history and atmosphere of this wonderful place!