March 27 - Walk tours around Moscow

On March 27, we organised two walking tours: around the Kitay-gorod district (English) and VDNKh (Russian language).

Kitay-gorod is one of the oldest districts of Moscow, which is shrouded in mysteries and riddles. This place has always attracted both rulers and nobles, as well as robbers and swindlers. That's why this place has become so multifaceted and mysterious, and legends and mysterious stories began to be born around it. Foreign students of Moscow State University plunged into the alleys of Kitay-gorod to see the appearance of ancient Moscow and enjoy the atmosphere of a cosy area.

VDNKh - or Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy - is the grandiose exhibition complex, which impresses with its mesmerising beauty and majesty. The famous pavilions are recognised as monuments of cultural heritage and represent beautiful examples of different architectural trends, the monument "Worker and Kolkhoz Woman" surprises with its scope. In winter, VDNKh turns into the largest skating rink in Europe.